My Yuki's Fan Club (akcipitrokulo) wrote,
My Yuki's Fan Club

more good news...

I'm actually thinking I'm going to finish writing something!

Doing a couple of short stories at the moment - "The wall" which is about an alien race's first FTL experimental voyage, which runs into difficulties when it interacts with one of our experiments, and one I did a few years back and lost which I'm rewriting - not SF, mundane courtroom drama.

Book has problem that I can't get the motivation right. I was trying to set up a conflict between main married (m-f) characters that would have the readers sympathising with both sides of the argument, and seeing both of the pair as acting more or less equally reasonably/unreasonably... but every time I try to tell my dad about it, he is of the opinion that wife is being completely bonkers and of course she's wrong - how could anyone even think otherwise? (She wants to go into cryostasis and he doesn't, mainly because his faith says it's wrong.)

So I'm either going to write other bits of it, or write the shorts at the moment, just so I get into the habit of writing.

And get into the habit of not spodding on LJ... oh, right... um... never mind, eh?
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