My Yuki's Fan Club (akcipitrokulo) wrote,
My Yuki's Fan Club

Sunshine on Leith

I got this for Mothers' Day.

It is awesome! I cried through a lot of it.

It does occur that a good weegie like myself shouldn't get so teary-eyed over the Edinburgh skyline... but yeah, it is a beautiful city. Also being several hundred miles from either of them might make me more prone to a stab of homesickness!

It has been described as "'Mamma Mia' with the Proclaimers not Abba." Rubbish. That's a vary lazy and innaccurate review.

Don't get me wrong - I liked "Mamma Mia". I like Abba, enjoyed the film, good funny story... but the story was mostly fluff, a nice rom-com/comedy of errors.

Sunshine on Leith... it's got really strong stories, definitely enjoyable and funny, with love stories at its heart... but it's a lot meatier, and I could be wrong, but I don't think Mamma Mia involved the emotional aftermath of being an amputee :-) (Which was s sub-plot, but an important one.)

It's definitely worth watching!
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